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Samgyeopsal is pork whose name is given as its flesh and fat are overlapped three times.

It is a wide, flat-shaped meat from the part where the ribs are removed to the abdomen.

Red meat and fat form the membrane of the samgyeopsal, so it tastes good.

Diverse cooking is possible, but because of its high fat content, it is high in calories.



Compared to other meats, it is especially rich in vitamin B and various minerals 

such as high quality protein, phosphorus, potassium, and iron.

Therefore, it is good for maintaining young and resilienting skin, and children's growth development.

Also, iron, which is often contained in pork, has a high absorption rate, preventing iron deficiency anemia.

Methionine is good for stomach protection and fatigue recovery.



If you roast the meat too long, it will run out of fat and become stiff and tasteless,

 so you should roast it quickly to make the meat greasy and tender.

If you want lean meat, boil it and cool it down before eating it.

Also, if eaten with foods such as red pepper paste or soybean paste, 

onion, garlic, mushroom, sesame leaf, salted shrimp, cooked kimchi, etc. 

It can help in protein and fat breakdown, 

and it can have sterilization, fat oxidation, and deodorization effects.


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