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Do you know 2018 Asian Game final soccer match?

3 JayPark 4 572

September 1st, 20:30

Tomorrow 20:30

South Korea VS Japan

Do you know Son Heung Min?

That's right

He is one of the best soccer players in the world.

As you know, The best soccer team in Asia is South Korea.

Ok? We will win the final match!!!!!

Everybody Cheer up South Korea

and Make some noise~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~






4 Jiiin 2018.08.31 23:46  
Yeah!!!!!! Lets win!!!!!♡♡♡
Son should not go to army
3 JayPark 2018.08.31 23:47  
Yeah I will go to army instead of SON
4 Jiiin 2018.09.01 00:16  
Well I will see :)
hey before you go army instead of him,
lets have lunch or dinner together
9 dorumuk 2018.11.29 15:45  
yeah ah
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