[Welcome Gyeongbuk] GyeongJu (Feel Korea Group D)


June 19, 2018

"Do you know GyeongJu?"

Most people might be thinking a GyeongJu is the most traditional and touristic city in Korea.

Therefore we tried to concern what is the best way to show this city to foreigners.

"Be Traditional!"

We went to Gyeongju based on the new theme that young people can enjoy, not a simple traditional way!

Firstly, we ate "Tteok-Galbi(Grilled Short Rip Patties)"


It tasted awesome and enough to fill our empty stomach!

Thanks for the restaurant and ladies who made our dishes.


After lunch, we were riding to the most traditional and the oldest temple in Gyeongju

Bulguksa(Bulguk temple)

The way to go to Bulguksa

Seokgatap(Sakyamuni Pagoda)


Yeongdeung(kind of traditional lantern for praying to Buddha) 


 And then, we were talking about the Korean Buddhism, history of Korea and Shilla

that is the ancient united kingdom in 6th centry



In the main building of temple, I had a short time to pray on my religion with Mart from U.K.

Surprisingly one of our group meber, Arslan told me the similarity between culture of Korean Buddhism

and the culture of Islam and Muslim!


After our trip, actually I can find the some similarities between the Buddhism and Islam. 

People who have these religions are trying to train themselves and find enlightenment.


On the way to getting out the temple, we prayed and made our wishes!

(In Korea there is kind of culture that stack the little stone on other stones making a wish)


Next place was a "Korean Dendrology and Forest Organization Academy"


This place is becoming known recently, as the beautiful site for lovers!


We realized this place was the best site for taking a walk after lunch, 

Because we felt like we are in the pure nature and can smell the scent of Fitontsid everywhere.

After getting healing time in the forest, we moved to "Hwanglidangil(Road of Hwangsung-dong)"


And we need sweet snack for losing our tiredness!

We found the nice Hanok(Korean traditional building) Cafe and chilling our time withe nice view


Even if I'm Korean and I'm living my whole time here,

This place was enough to surprise and was wonderful


In Hwanglidangil the special thing that we want to do is taking a picture with my group members!

We hoped to give the present and unforgettable memories to Assem and Mart, 

cause they are going back to home countries after our trip!

On our deep searching the place to give awesome memory,

we found "Daereungwon photo studio" that is so popular for taking black and white photograph!


But unfortunately the place was closed day, so we just selected another studio for pictures.


It's a little bit childish, but we love these pictures! 


On our way to make unforgettable memories, the sky was colored black and finally the heavy rain became..

We didn't expect any situation like that, we were just running in the restaurant for dinner!

"Bibimbap" for dinner


When we enjoyed our dinner, Mart asked the interesting question to me!

"What is the name of that fish?"

I didn't even realized the kind and name of fish, but I heard the fish is Shark.

And we call that kind of shark "Dombaegi"


They opened their big eyes to bigger and looked the shark exciting,

because that was the first time to eat shark for my foreign friends!

(You guys were like children for me! It was so funny)

After sunset, we moved to our last destination "Anapji Pond"

This place is so famous for everyone as night view!


How beautiful~~ 


But It was heavy rainy night T_T 

And then we went back to Daegu quickly

Even if the trip was for a single day, that was enough to enjoy and make good memories with my friends. 


P.S. We are not kind of weak people who feel some tired or something, we ran to the place that can drink!


We ate Yeontan Bulgogi and Udon with Soju 

Made the Korean and English name each others, 

and had so much fun with my lovely friends!

Even if we are the people who share same languages, figures and personalities,

we could walk side by side,


talk about Korean cultures, 


enjoy the children's paintings,


get some luck for our lives,


be some..something special relationship in other country, 


can laugh together,


put up an umbrella in rainy,


 and made unforgettable memories!


Thank you my friends,

and thanks for Feel Korea Focus!

Written by Mingyu Song

(Supporter of Feel Korea)

GyeongJu Tourguide in official ▶ 

Cheongdo Tourguide in official ▶ http://www.cheongdo.go.kr/open.content/tour/

(You can ask any questions to Feel Korea Focus, cause these links are written by Korea only)



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