[Welcome Gyeongbuk] YeongCheon (Feel Korea Group B)


June 21, 2018

"A bird's eye view of YeongCheon"

by Group B

Yejin Lee, Wonchan Park, Yazdan Qadri, Fariza

Let me introduce Group B travel process!!!


Step1. Deciding the Destination


we all gathered to discuss about our First trip!

Some member wanted to go to the beach and the others wanted mountain.

So, we thought about "How to make all members satisfied with our destination"



After conservation, We decided to go to the YoungDuk(영덕)!!

Everything seems great and the preparation looks perfect, so we just get ready to the next step, the reservations and ticketing for the traffics.



Oh,,,,, there was no Bus which is come back to Daegu...

We are all soooo disappointed that our plans should be revised almost everything...

After that situation we hardly decided again to go to the YeongCheon(영천)!

Step2. Dividing the Works & Researching


Because of the personal schedules, our group members couldn't meet often for preparation. We tried to make roles for each persons and researched where to go, how to go and so on.


In this process, all the members could gain responsibility about our first trip! One of our member, Yazdan also chose perfect title of our trip, "A bird's eye view of Yeong Cheon".


Step3.specific Planning


We made a planning specifically with Time, Place, Supplies and Budget.





Finally, we left the Daegu and arrived in YeongCheon!

Luckly, we could move by car. With the car, we could save time a lot and do the other activities which we wanted. All the place was so beautiful and we all satisfied about our planning.



영천댐 Yeongcheon Daem


보현산 Bohyeon Zipline


별별미술마을 The Fine Art Village



영천공설시장 YeongCheon Public Market


After the First trip with foreign friends, I could feel that they are not different people with me. We laughed with same situations, and felt same emotions. We didn't feel sense of difference in our conversations. Except some culture, we are all same people. We can understand each other with a broad mind.


Many of the Korean are afraid of the foreigners, to talk with them. We should lay this saying "We are all the same people in the global world". If someone get unforgettable experience with good foreigner friends like us, they will definitely agree with me. 

▼ Check in below link(Youtube) ▼


Written by Yejin Lee

(Supporter of Feel Korea)

Yeongcheon Tourguide in official ▶ https://www.yc.go.kr/tour/main.do

(You can ask any questions to Feel Korea Focus, cause these links are written by Korea only)



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