[Welcome Gyeongbuk] Pohang #1 (Feel Korea Group E)

June 21, 2018

"Travel around Phohang with the sea"

by Group E



 Monday, June 24, 2018 LIONS OF FEEL KOREA GROUP E went to Pohang

where it is representative region of Gyeongsangbuk-do Province.

Why did we choose Pohang?

First, there are plenty of seafood for a man of religion.

Second, Pohang is Korea's exclusive coastal city and has its own culture which can be unfamiliar to foreigners.

Third, sea is the answer in summer! Moreover, there are many other reasons why we chose Pohang.

When we got there, we felt welcomed because that day was shiny weather and the sky was so clean.

Now we will introduce about our fun memories and unusual feeling at every moment in Pohang. 


 If you have only one day for trip like us, why don’t you try to go trip by using City Tour in Pohang?

Pohang City Tour is available on the dates and courses you want.

You need to pay personal expenses for each individually, but it is a good choice for people

who don’t have Private car. Furthermore, guides explain the characteristics of the area at each location.

Even the bus driver of Pohang City Tour will be interesting to explain various places on the move. 


When Korea was in Japanese colonial era, many Japanese lived here to catch a variety of fish.

So, the inside of the buildings was preserved or reproduced as Japanese style.

It is possible to experience various cultures of Japan, and you can see Japanese style garden

and typical Japanese style house structure. Following the guide, we learned the history there

and looked around the theme streets. Korean supporters translated explanations of history into

English to foreigner friends, and we were impressed that foreign friends were interested in

the history they first heard. 


We went to beach where is a good place for summer in Pohang.

Homigot means the tiger's tail and the place is one of the popular for watching sunrise in the New Year.

On there, we could feel the atmosphere of the sea that only Korea have.

And we enjoyed the clean of the sea, beautiful scenery and realized why Pohang is the representative

marine city in Gyeongbuk province. Unlike Busan, the sea of Pohang is very clean,

and there are lots of things to watch for tourists such as unique breakwater and intimate cart bar.

My foreign friends had a lot of interest about the Korean people enjoying the sea and the sea scenery. 


 The coast road is a trekking course with a total length of 25km and is a good place to walk.

We couldn't walk until end of the course, but we watched beautiful ocean view and Pohang background

from far away. We had a good time when we smelled sea scent and sea breeze while we were walking.

It is recommended that you need to come here with your family or acquaintances in spring or fall

and enjoy the night view of Posco by walking along the coast at sunset 


We also visited "Yeonorang Seonnyeo Theme Park" which contains the love story of Yeonorang

and Seonnyeo written in The Heritage of the Three States. Do you know about the love story?

Following the friendly guide, we enjoyed the tale of Yeonorang and Seonnyeo and Pohang's story

being found in every corner of the theme park. Though of the hot weather, We rushed to take the best photo

 of beautiful Yeongil Bay surrounding the theme park in the background.

Do you see it well in the pictures? Don’t you? 


Our last destination was Jukdo Market. We look around fresh seafood and bright inside of Jukdo Market

where it is the largest scale of east sea coast.

Then we decided to go cafe because of the hot weather going up to 35 degree.

Finally, at the end of the schedule, we said our impression of Pohang

with ice drink and finished it successfully.

It was good to use the city tour that can make possible to see Pohang around in a day.

At the end of the evening, the leaving time was come,

we came back to Daegu with beautiful impression of Pohang in our mind. 


Written by SeongJun Oh

(Supporter of Feel Korea)


Pohang Tourguide in official ▶ http://www.pohang.go.kr/eng/index.do



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