[Welcome Gyeongbuk] Pohang #2 (Feel Korea Group F)

July 1st, 2018

"Memories in powerful Pohang"

We tried to introduce and give new experience to Samuel who is one of our members in group F,

cause he has never been any kind of Korean traditional fish market and beach.

So we made the plan going to Pohang, one of the biggest seaside town in Gyeongbuk,

and fortunately Pohang is my hometown, so we could be a great guide for him.

[Contents in travel]

1. Hans-Dream Bakery (Hyoja-dong 253-128)

2. Jukdo traditional market

3. Hwanho Park (Cheers Sunrise Park in Pohang)

4. Busan Milmyeon restaurant (Hwanho-dong 513-6)

5. Iron Rabbit Rooftop (Haean-ro 193)

6. Yeongildae Beach

7. Dongwon Haemulchon restaurant (Hanggu-dong 17-142)

We made video to remember and introduce our all memories

▼ Check in below link(Youtube) ▼


We were so proud of ourselves to introduce this city Pohang to Samuel,

in every moments, he loved and interested in most of place in Pohang.

Even if the weather was not good and cloudy,

we could do the all stuffs in our plan for the weather was going to better and better!

This trip was the good opportunity to introduce my hometown and give an unforgettable memories

to our friend, Samuel!

Written by HyeongSeob Sim

(Supporter of Feel Korea)

Pohang Tourguide in official ▶ http://www.pohang.go.kr/eng/index.do


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